What is Financial Peace University?

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Financial Peace University (FPU) is a 9 lesson, money-management course taught by America’s most trusted financial guru, Dave Ramsey. Dave and his teaching team will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future and much more. Broward Financial Stewardship, in partnership with Cooper City Church of God offers FPU several times throughout the year. Be sure to visit this site regularly for more information.

Money Lessons to CHANGE Your Life!

Lesson 1: Super Saving Common Sense for Your Dollars and Cents

Lesson 2: Relating With Money Nerds and Free Spirits Unite!

Lesson 3: Cash Flow Planning The Nuts and Bolts of Budgeting


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Did You Know?


76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.
24% of take-home pay is wasted on non-mortgage debt?
The average debt of college graduates is 29k in student loans.


In 2015, the average household in America had:

– $29,400 in student loan debt. 
– $27,141 in automobile debt.
– $168,614 in mortgage debt.


Retirement readiness is 80% behavior…
And only 20% head knowledge.



Change Your Life!

Financial Peace University is offered several times through the week.

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Normal is broke. Take the challenge and be weird…

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Real People…Real Stories

After 2 years of marriage, in 2012, we were expecting our first child and excited about life as a family…

– Richie and Sara

For a number of years we had some debt that we wondered if we ever find a way to get free. We always…

– Hartley and Sylvia


Back in 2012 my husband, Steve, and I took the Financial Peace University class.  He only lasted one class because…

– Steve and Sheri